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The Best Plumbing Services 
in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, 
Fort Morgan and Perdido Key.

Our expert plumbers are well equipped to help with your plumbing problems. If you can't manage to fix your problem yourself, let the professionals come to the rescue! We offer a wide array of plumbing services at affordable prices.

Why Choose GNG Plumbing and Hardware?

There are a lot of options out there - here's a few things that make GNG Plumbing and Hardware special:
  • All plumbing fixture repairs and installation 
  • Remodeling and water line replacement specialist 
  • Fully stocked vehicles for repairing of minor problems (no parts chasing) 
  • Straightforward itemized pricing and we charge per job 

Our Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive plumbing and hardware services, including:
  • Plumbing and drainage issues
  • Domestic plumbing
  • Industrial plumbing
  • Plumbing maintenance and repair
  • Grinder pump services
  • Hardware sales

On Call Services

You can't predict a pipe burst or a drain blockage. Our expert plumbing technicians are on call and carry the necessary equipment to fix your plumbing or drainage problem on the spot.
galvanized fitting selection

Reasonable Rates

We offer all our timely plumbing services at affordable prices. Our plumbers offer you an upfront estimate for all your plumbing projects. in addition, we offer professional advice in our store on how to save money on your plumbing repair or project.

Grinder Pump Services

Our superior service for your grinder pump station is unmatched by any other company. 
  1. Check and tighten all electrical connections in the control panel. 
  2. Insert high pressure water hose into main drain line from the basin, pulling all debris into basin. 
  3. Scrub sides of basin, clean/adjust control floats and check discharge piping. 
  4. Using our vacuum vehicle, remove sand, debris/objects and sediment from bottom of basin, which may cause the pump to jam. 
  5. Place an 8 oz. enzyme tablet into basin to help break down grease. 
  6. Amp/record motor windings to ensure proper pump operation. 
NOTE: we take/download digital photos of the control panel/basin to assist customers with any future problems.

Our hardware store is equipped with major brands of Grinder Pumps and complete grinder pump systems.

Hardware Sales

At GNG, our staff is not only friendly, we also love DIY projects and will be delighted to help you figure out how to execute your own. We sell a variety of hardware products, including: 
  • Specialty Hand Tools
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • All Size Fasteners
  • Scheduled 80 PVC Fittings & Pipe
  • Plumbing Supplies & Fixtures
  • Plumbing Repair Parts
  • Electrical Supplies & Conduit
  • Pipe Threading
  • Major Brands of Grinder Pumps & Complete Systems
  • Key Duplications
  • Propane Exchange
  • Brass Pipe & Fittings
  • Irrigation Supplies & Equipment
  • Sealants
  • Silver Solder & Welding Supplies
  • Cast Iron Pipe & Fittings
  • Water Filter Systems & Cartridges
  • Rustoleum Paints 

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